Saturday, 25 December 2010

Scriptwriting Intro

Hey folks, i know we all wanna be really good animators, making realistic models, movement and renders and post these stuff in the galleries so that people can admire our work. Right? I'm sure that somewhere deep inside everyone would like this. But do you know which is the ingredient mostly missing from animators? The script.

As i said before and i'm keep emphasizing that animation is Art. So, we are artists! The goal of art is to say a story by using animation , still picture or even some abstract Drawings and designs. Without a story an animation won't work as good as it should. So for everything you start working on, try to get the habit of creating at least a 100 word script. Just throw some ideas on a paper ,but this will help you A LOT when you start doing you concept art, moodboard, storyboard or the animation itself.

In one of the previous posts i emphasized the importance of creating sketches and drawings before starting modeling or animating. Well the script is going to be your best friend for helping doing that because you will already have the axis around which you will create your concept art and eventually your models and animation.

This thinking should be applied to all kinds of animation, not only 3D. It might be 2D animation, stop motion movie or anything else, but a script should always be your first step for creating your concept.

Some people prefer doing the Concept art before writing the script and i believe that this is also logical because by drawing your sketches you can come up with unique style and atmosphere which will create a story by itself. So if that's the way you want to work that's absolutely ok and no one will judge you. And afterall you don't have to stick with only one way of doing things, be open minded. Create a project by writing the script first and then create the next one by sketching it out before composing a script.

Just remember that Scripts are very important and will definately upgrade your concepts and make your animations stand out from the crowd if you start using them. I will post many articles and tips on scriptwriting that i kept in my notebooks by great professionals in the industry so keep checking out my blog. That's it folks for now and keep practicing writing your scripts.


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