Thursday, 23 December 2010

2D Animation Equipment And Reading List

Ok folks, so let's get started with 2D animation.First things first, i'll discuss the equipment that you'll need to do basic animation.
  1. First of all ,you'll need a lightbox. The Lightbox is your workspace when you're doing 2D animation. It might often be a bit expensive but it will make your work flow much easier and the quality of your drawings will be much better.
  2. Also you may need animation paper which is sometimes tricky to find but it makes your life much easier as well.
  3. Animation Pencils Are Optional but they are much easier to erase when using animation paper
  4. A lot of practice.
So after you get the basic equipment you're ready to go.But what about the reading you have to do?
  1. The first must-have book i would suggest getting is the The Animator's Survival Kit. It's cheap and you will be glad you have it. This book is treasure for every Animator and can even help 3d Animators as well.

  2. The second book in my list would be Basics Animation 03: Drawing for Animation. Surely worth having and can improve your drawing skills for animation a lot.And since the animation is mostly about drawing skills that's a great help.
  3. The third and the last book i would suggest for now is Character Animation: 2D Skills for Better 3D which is essential for both 2d and 3d animators and helped me a lot on my Computer Animation Course.
For now the reading list i would suggest are these three books, but in future i will have post especially for mentioning good books for you guys. So, if you have your equipment and books (or at least the things you consider important from that post) the next article will be the first steps in 2d animation, Very basic but important to grasp. Keep Practicing Folks!

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