Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2D animation Intro

Hey again folks.I just want to introduce you to the world of 2D animation. Most of the people i meet nowadays are interested in 3d animation rather than 2d animation. And there's nothing weird about that since the 3d animation today is really impressive and the packages out there are making it much more easy.Global illumination makes rendering look really sweet, and the idea of creating a character of your own design and creating animation using him/her/it sounds awesome.Still from the research i made through some freelance job websites on animation i can surely say that 2d animators are required much more than 3d animators for now. Despite the huge raise of 3d animators in the last couple of years now the 2d animation starts taking it's space again. So if you're looking for making good money for living i would suggest you to do some research on jobs available out there first and the money each animation style gives you and then considering which animation technique you will choose.

2D animation can be much more fun that it seems using the 2d animation software available out there. Many people don't know that now you can even rig a character and move it just like in 3d animation package but in 2d Software using your model sheet.I will discuss all these techniques in future posts, but you have to start small.I would suggest (and that's what we were doing in the beginning in the Uni) start drawing by hand, on paper , frame by frame some animations. I will create posts with step by step instructions on where to start and also i will talk about the basic principles of 2d animation which will surely raise your skillset for 3d animation as well. So that's it guys. Next, i will post my first 2d Animation tutorial so you can get your feet wet.


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